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Tolerance and Non-Discrimionation

EDU-NET: EAST. New Leaders through Informal Education

On 11-13 August 2019 nine Ukrainian and Polish historians and scholars of the politics of memory in Ukraine and Poland worked in Kyiv on the collaborative Polish-Ukrainian seminar. This Kyiv seminar is a continuation of the Polish-Ukrainian project entitled EDU-NET: EAST. New Leaders through Informal Education''. The first seminar took place in Warsaw in July 2019.
During the three-day seminar participants attended the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, had a guided tour of the Maidan, the places of the Revolution of Dignity, information exhibition center of the Maidan Museum, the State Historical-Memorial Complex "Graves of Bykivnia", and Babyn Yar. Among the issues which were discussed during the seminar were the following: the matter of our history and the history of the events which influence on the identity building; conflicts of various memories and influence of the ongoing events on the perception and shaping of the commemorative practices; examples of studies and memorializations in smaller communities.
EDU-NET: EAST. New Leaders through Informal Education is a new initiative led by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute aimed at strengthening cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian cultural institutions which are dedicated to fostering intercultural dialogue and countering stereotypes, antisemitism, and racism by promoting awareness of the history of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe.
The project is made possible thanks to the support of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation within the RITA: Local Transformations program implemented by the Education for Democracy Foundation, and is realized in cooperation with the POLIN Museum and the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies.


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